On The Cover This Month: John Slattery

Our second of three April 2012 cover subjects, for our special inaugural Style Bible issue. Click here to read GQ director of editorial projects Devin Friedman’s profile of the Mad Men eminence grise. Below, a quick bit from the story:

“I was going to get Old Rip Van Winkle,” he tells the waitress. That’s a kind of bourbon. “But I’m told you’re out of it. Anything resemble that?” Something called Eagle Rare might be up his alley. It arrives, served with a beautiful hunk of ice that might be sold at an airport gift shop as a paperweight. He admires this ice cube. It’s a great ice cube. That’s also what he’s like. A guy who knows about bourbons and good ice cubes. Which is the same, at this moment, as a guy who knows about a good waxed cotton jacket. (It turns out we’re both wearing the same brand of waxed jacket. It’s like we’ve been reading this magazine.)

      2 years ago 
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